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Information for Students (District Site Content)

Children First      

Our Mission is to assist our children to value learning and to be successful in school, society, and work by providing a challenging and nurturing learning experience. We work in partnership with family and community preparing children to be leaders in a diverse, ever-changing world.
We educate children in an academic curriculum to become:
Self-Directed Learners
  • develop responsibility for their learning
  • show initiative
  • work independently
  • demonstrate innovation and creativity
  • reflect and assess
  • collect, organize,  interpret and synthesize data
Quality Producers
  • pursue improvement
  • set goals for achievement
  • take pride in their work
  • maintain and recognize high standards
Collaborative Team Members
  • work cooperatively with others
  • appreciate and demonstrate sensitivity for diversity
  • share leadership and responsibility
Effective Communicators
  • master reading, writing. listening and speaking skills
  • utilize a variety of mediums for self expression
  • use technologies competently
Constructive Thinkers And Problem Solvers
  • demonstrate critical thinking
  • practice decision making
  • apply conflict resolution skills
Responsible Members of Society
  • provide service to others
  • demonstrate civic and social skills
  • display self-confidence
  • become physically and emotionally healthy
  • explore educational and career opportunities
  • act with integrity
  • respect the environment
  • develop a global perspective
  • treat others with respect and compassion

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